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Russian Renaissance? Managing Public Affairs in Today’s Russia
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Russian Renaissance? Managing Public Affairs in Today?s Russia ? the final installment in the Foundation for Public Affairs? series on government relations in the BRIC countries ? comes at a pivotal time for Russia. Having recently acceded to the WTO and secured PNTR status from the U.S., Russia is on course for great economic growth. But it has many ghosts from its past ? including corruption, ailing infrastructure and reliance on natural resources ? that it must first shake in order to realize its full potential. This report, sponsored by Kesarev Consulting, examines the promising opportunities in today?s Russia and the successful approaches multinationals have taken to navigate this complex environment. The report also features:
  • Case studies from Citi, Kraft, Medtronic, Microsoft and other major corporations
  • Key insights from experts on Russian government affairs and business relations
  • Strategic advice on building a public affairs function in Moscow and Russia?s various regions
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Author: Elizabeth Judd | Length: 44 | Edition: |