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2016 Webinar Recording: Post-Election Engagement of Your PAC and Grassroots Community
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Organizations often use the lead up to an election to conduct voter education, host in-district events and increase donor participation and contributions to the PAC.
However, you can also use the excitement of the post-election period to engage your stakeholder community further.
Through creative post-election reports, election wrap-up events and previews of — and outreach to — the 115th Congress, you can create an even greater understanding among your advocates and donors, plus provide a launching point for your 2017 efforts.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the projects you should start planning for now to enable your organization to harness your advocates’ and donors’ interest beyond November 8.

We’ll discuss:

• The components of informative and engaging post-election reporting, and the best ways to share that information with your community
• Ideas for events, webinars and websites that will help your donors and advocates grasp what the elections mean for them and for your organization
• The best ways to introduce your organization to new members of Congress and how to best get your grassroots community involved in that effort
• Case studies of organizations that have used these opportunities to further build grassroots support and PAC understanding and transparency

This webinar was held on September 13, 2016.
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