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2016 Webinar Recording: Using Infographics for Advocacy
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Learn How to Present Complex Policy Issues and Data by Creating Powerful Infographics

Looking for a quick and effective way to share information about what your PAC and grassroots programs are accomplishing?
Infographics may be the answer.
These increasingly popular visual tools are easy to digest and can add an element of creativity and fun to your advocacy program.

In this webinar you hear from a creative expert on how to use infographics to interest, educate, engage and mobilize your network.
We discussed how to include infographics in your PAC and grassroots strategies, including:

• How infographics deliver meaningful data and share your story in a powerful way — on any budget
• What information lends itself to use in infographics for your PAC or grassroots program
• Where to use an infographic and the best way to share it with your audience
• How to use these visuals to motivate and engage new audiences for your advocacy programs

This webinar was held on November 3, 2016.
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