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2016 Webinar Recording: Reporting Back to PAC Donors
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What information are you sharing with your PAC community?
Creating a plan to be open and transparent can help build trust with your donors and eligibles.
More than just saying “thank you,” robust websites, newsletters, events and annual reports help to educate your donors on what’s at stake and why the PAC is important.
They also have the benefit of showing them that your PAC is spending donors’ money wisely and effectively.

With the end of each year, PACs have the opportunity to report back on all they have accomplished and think about even better ways to do that throughout the year ahead. Join us to discuss:

• The best times of year and methods to communicate with your PAC community to highlight the PAC’s activities and show what the PAC has accomplished
• Which information is important to share with donors — and what they most want to know about the PAC
• How to address donors’ toughest questions, like those about the PAC’s contribution strategy or candidates the PAC has supported
• Ways to use your communication methods to build long-term support for the PAC to keep donors returning and attract new donors within your eligible class
• Creative tactics for incorporating PAC information in other PAC and government affairs activities
This webinar was held on December 1, 2016.
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