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2016 Webinar Recording: Driving Social and Business Impact through Signature CSR Initiatives
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More and more, companies are adapting their CSR strategies to focus resources on finding solutions to societal challenges. Whether it’s community, societal or environmentally related, focusing limited company resources on issues related to the business is great way to drive social and business impact.

This session, takes a deep dive into the development and evolution of AT&T’s signature education program, AT&T Aspire, launched in 2008 and now stands as a $350 million planned investment to help students succeed academically and professionally. In it we explored the key steps that AT&T took to develop, measure and continue to grow Aspire over the years, including:
- Defining what a signature CSR initiative is and its potential benefits to the business
- Identifying what key resources businesses can bring to bear and steps that can be taken to develop a signature initiative
- Reviewing how best to align a signature CSR initiative to core business strategy
- Reviewing AT&T’s experience with AT&T Aspire, including how to engage employees in a meaningful way.

This webinar was held on October 19, 2016.
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