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2018 Webinar Recording: PAC Bylaws: Have You Read Yours Lately?
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While PAC bylaws are not legally required, they are a widely used tool for providing structured guidance and governing principles for PACs. Your bylaws can serve to outline key policies and procedures, help gain buy-in from board members or eligibles and provide a blueprint for difficult decisions. Join us for a webinar on how organizations can ensure their PAC bylaws serve to guide and strengthen the PAC program. We’ll cover: why PAC bylaws are important and how they can strengthen the PAC, how to determine what to include in your bylaws, including how to provide structure and accountability without boxing yourself in, the nuts and bolts of developing or revising bylaws, such as determining when changes are necessary, how to gain buy-in for major revisions and who should be a part of the process.

This webinar will be held on March 27, 2018. The recording for this program will be sent approximately one week after the date of the webinar.
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