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2018 Webinar Recording: Top 10 Fundamentals of Rulemaking
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As Congress passes legislation or a President delegates authority, it is up to the relevant agency to write the rules by which business and society will adhere to the law. On top of that, with each new administration and Congress there’s a process of writing and/or unraveling an extensive series of regulations. Before diving into the strategy of impacting the rulemaking process, join us to get a refresher on the fundamentals of the process. We’ll cover: the process agencies generally use to develop a proposed rule, the key agency players who manage rulemaking and how they interact with the legislative branch and public, the role of the public comment period, and keeping track of everything and knowing what/when/where a rule is going to move.

This webinar will be held on October 25, 2018. The recording for this program will be sent approximately one week after the date of the webinar.
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